The Datalit project – A joint research project to spread Data Literacy at the interface of higher education and business – aims to create the basis for the integration of data literacy as a transversal theme in potentially all university courses by identifying and developing common curricula and innovative teaching and learning approaches.

Based on a 4-step approach (blended learning, development of training resources, piloting of methodology and validated competences in relation to data literacy), the project focuses on three target groups: university students, education and human resource professionals, and evaluators and validation practitioners.


The consortium consists of 14 experienced partners:

CNR, Italy –
Evodevo, Italy –
Dataninja, Italy –
Smart Revolution, Italy –
Q21, Germany –
Blinc, Germany –
UDE, Germany –
VU, Lithuania –
LPK, Lithuania –
UNL, Portugal –
Inova, Portugal –
UNS, Serbia –
PanonIT, Serbia –
UET, Albania –

Project website: DATALIT