IMPACT survey

IMPACT is a research and development project that analyses web-supported learning and teaching in connection with the validation of learning outcomes. It aims at understanding how educational professionals use web-based learning environments and Open Educational Resources (OER) as well as


IMPACT – IT based Methodology for Promoting, Asssessing and validating Competence oriented learning and Training This project puts a strong focus on IT development and integration since it will for the first time develop specifications for open source virtual learning


Validation System in Lifelong Learning Experiences of Youth Volunteering One of the most powerful informal learning contexts is represented by the volunteering sector where people have the opportunity to experience different situations, putting into practice their own skills and getting

LBB News

LBB – Perspectives The new Erasmus+ funding programme opened up the opportunity to create a strong and long-lasting synergy between the European Prison Education Association (EPEA) who want to bring prison educators from across Europe together in dialogue and best-practice


      PROMOTE- PROmoting and validating key competences in MObility and Traineeships in Europe The project aims at promoting and validating social, personal and organisational key competences such as entrepreneurship, civic competences and learning to learn with the help