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GINCO Tools & Training

GINCO Tools & Training is a follow-up project in response to the needs revealed in GINCO surveys and research.

Its aims are:

  • To improve the quality of provision and delivery of international continuous professional development courses for adult education staff;
  • To contribute to the professionalisation of trainers and organisers running European in-service training (IST) courses for adult education staff.

The main activities in the two years of funding are:

  • Developing a wide range of training and support materials to cover the specific needs of the European IST training providers and those who may wish to internationalise their local in-service training course offers.
  • Developing and piloting a modular Grundtvig course for (potential) Grundtvig course organisers: “How to organise high quality competence-based Grundtvig courses”.
  • Six partner institutions from five European countries.
  • Project coordination: Alden Biesen, Belgium
  • Funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig
  • Duration: 10/12 – 09/14
  • All GINCO T&T activities and material will be published on the GINCO website.

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