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Q21 – Qualification, transfer management and IT-supported learning

Q21 provides qualification, teaching and learning solutions in innovative thematic and methodological areas.
We work at the intersection of formal, non-formal and informal education and in vocational, adult, higher education and school education. We we have many years of experience in (Socrates, LLP, Erasmus +) EU educational projects, and EU projects to participatory regional development and capacity building (LIFE and INTERREG funded).
In projects of the European Social Fund (IdA; ESF), the focus of our work in the development and implementation of competency-based learning opportunities especially in non-formal and informal contexts and the validation of conpetences (with LEVEL5 system and acc. ECVET and EQF).

Since the early 2000s, our IT department has developed web-based learning systems and specialises in services and for IT-based teaching / learning solutions for educational institutions; ranging from the development of complex websites, integration of learning systems and e-portfolio,  programming of validation software to hosting and cloud services.

Through our expertise both in innovative sectors of education as well as in the development and maintenance of the latest IT learning technologies, we can offer services in the context of educational projects that require an “agile” and interdisciplinary software development.