Since in 2007, the first prototype of Level5 (V 1.0) has been developed, it served as a validation tool for competence (-developments) in various “non-formal” projects of youth education and voluntary service.
Starting in 2014, the instrument is also used as a planning tool to develop competence-based learning opportunities in the voluntary sector. The my-VITA e-portfolios has been increasingly used to document competences in volunteering and mobility and in this way to connect the validation of informal learning to the formal education system (and the formal validation anchored therein.

Partners in the field of volunteering and youth (excerpts)

  • Xena (IT)
  • CESO (NL)
  • BEMIS (UK)
  • CESIE (IT)
  • Eurocircle (FR)
  • IdA Projects (Integration through Exchange; German ESF)
    • (Stadt G├Âttingen) (DE)
    • CJD Maximiliansau (DE)
  • DRK Bonn (DE)
  • Materahub (IT)
  • O.C.E.A.N .Organisation of Culture, Education and Advice in Networks (GR)