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Learning Technologies

Blended Learning Solutions
Since the late 90s, the staff members of Q21 have developed blended learning solutions at the workplace, initially in part-time training in hospitals and nursing homes later in management training in the environment and health sectors.
In the early 2000s the first Q21-learning management system was programmed, which was used until about 2010 in more than 15 educational projects in Germany and Europe with several hundred participants / inside.
The software was also used as a learning management system in the complex, transnational quality and environmental management systems and was awarded several times herein.
With the advancement of large open source projects (Moodle) we changed our strategy and focused us on the customizing of support and project-specific learning management system based on Moodle (and Mahara later).
For projects and customers we provide complete solutions (hosting, maintenance, technical, graphic and instructional design, learner management and control.

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