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EDUCCKATE_Logo_rgb_kleinEducation Cultural & Creative Knowledge Alliance for Tomorrows Entrepreneurs

Implementing an innovative, mentored internship scheme in cultural and creative (CC) sectors to boost the innovation potential of high education institutions and companies, foster an entrepreneurial mind-set in students and promote entrepreneurship.

  • Bringing universities and businesses together, encouraging existing CC entrepreneurs to become mentors and pass on their skills to support tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.
  • Providing students in CC majors with access to business, including CC SMEs, opportunities to develop business projects and new professional paths.
  • It benefits high education institutes through links with CC business and business by partnership with specialist high education departments in order to develop new sector specific services/products/prototypes with commercialisation potential that benefit from state of the art academic research/knowledge.
  • Eleven partners from seven European different countries.
  • Project coordination: University College London Centre for Applied Archaeology
  • Funded by the Directorate: Lifelong learning: higher education and international affairs
  • Duration: 01/2013- 06/2014
  • Website: