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05_greeen logo mit ausgeschriebenem Titel_kleinGreen Environment Education European Network

Promoting the effective integration of climate change education into educational programmes and school curricula (climate literacy), all by promoting creativity in science education

The main aims of the project are to:

  • mobilise support for teacher training on climate change education (understanding of basic concepts, trends and issues; complementary nature of climate change mitigation and adaptation and the major strategies used in each; appreciation of the ethical dimensions of climate change processes and their impacts; identification of the educational implications of teaching about climate change etc.);
  • foster the exchange of experiences and good practices on climate change education among teacher trainers, teachers, practitioners and young people;
  • promote local field-based education on climate change;
  • identify learning materials and good practices on climate change education and enhance their dissemination via information and communication technologies, as well as other means;
  • increase the production of and access to information and innovative solutions for science education on climate change and sustainable development;
  • promote closer linkages between science education and science working market emergent trends and opportunities.

This shall be achieved by

  • creating an overview of the current situation in science education related to climate change in the participating member states and beyond;
  • developing a sound modular concept to tackle the issue of climate change and climate change adaptation both on the curricular and on the extracurricular level;
  • collecting and exchanging best practice models (GREEEN Award) as basis for generating new approaches on climate change education (GREEENHOUSE);
  • extending the European network and involving relevant stakeholders (interdisciplinary and transnational work of students, teachers and other educational stakeholders);
  • giving guidance for mainstreaming climate change education into school curricula.
  • coordinated by: Landkreis KS/BUPNET
  • 16 partners from 11 countries
  • funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme Comenius Network
  • Duration: 12/2013-11/2016