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IMPACT survey


IMPACT is a research and development project that analyses web-supported learning and teaching in connection with the validation of learning outcomes.

It aims at understanding how educational professionals use web-based learning environments and Open Educational Resources (OER) as well as approaches and instruments for validation of learning outcomes in their practice.

The project aims at creating a holistic learning and validation environment and interfaces between existing web-based learning and validation instruments.

This system shall be developed based on the feed-back and the requirements from practice – therfore we highly appreaciate your input and expertise.

You may participate and support us on different levels:

  1. Answer the following questionnaire
  2. Register to our community, receive information and contribute to the discussion. Connected to that you have the chance to win a journey to our IMPACT conferences on 17/18.09.2015 in Mechelen, Belgium and in 2016.
  3. Register to an individual or focus group interview in connection with the IMPACT webinar.

The online survey on hand will be distributed to more than 3.000 selected educational experts in Europe.

It consists of 4 parts:

  1. Introduction and statistical background data
  2. Utilisation of web-supported learning environments and OER
  3. Validation of learning outcomes and connection to web-based learning
  4. Establishment of a web-based validation instrument to connect learning assessment and validation

It will take you approximately 15 min to complete it.

-> LINK to the online survey